Hace tiempo leí en una revista un reportaje en donde se usaba el término "Gold Executive" para referir al modelo de hombre de negocios. Se describe como un tipo fuera de serie, un triunfador, carismático, perturbador, lleno de energía y potencia sexual. El perfecto ejemplar de masculinidad y hombría.

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

The high collar winner

Something weird happens when we play with the sizes of the things, some strange feeling of fun and audacity.
The winner of our first fetish contest knows how to wear a formal shirt of a very exaggerated way that we just can love, turning his daily clothes in a horny restraint of a very high, stiff and tight collar shirt.

We don't know where this pleasure comes from, this kind of clothes was used to be the uniforms of general Captains, so maybe is just the excitation to humiliation of the powerfull and masculinity attitude.

We´ll still thinking about this peculiar form of the excitation

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