Hace tiempo leí en una revista un reportaje en donde se usaba el término "Gold Executive" para referir al modelo de hombre de negocios. Se describe como un tipo fuera de serie, un triunfador, carismático, perturbador, lleno de energía y potencia sexual. El perfecto ejemplar de masculinidad y hombría.

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010


There are a place in which you can mix the passion for the Suits & Ties and the leather Attire. In that place the employed always must obey every order from his boss, no matter if they are at job time or not. The luxurious partys always end in a dungeon. And wear suit and tie or gas mask and arnes is just a demential expresion of pleasure and power.

A lot of artist have work over this concept and his results have been the more intensive image of sex without tabus.

This is a tribute to them all.
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